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You can view the list of servers on the Steam Group.  

YOU MUST KNOW: the OFFICIAL Uberupgrade mod Created by Mr L, (assisted by Wyvern, Code Slasher, Morgan Freeman and some more contributors) is constantly changing, it mean many information here can be OUTDATED, you are warned ! 

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This Wiki is about the Uber Upgrades mod in the popular PC game, Team Fortress 2. It is a modification based heavily upon the upgrade system featured within the TF2 gamemode, Mann vs. Machine. The upgrade system in Uber Upgrades is similar, though adds many more types of upgrades for you to spend in-game currency to purchase. The upgrades that existed in the original Mann vs. Machine have been changed to extend to higher tiers of upgrade, as opposed to the original three levels. Since the upgrades would quickly trivialize any of the enemies the game sent in at default, the game has been further modified to give the enemies their own upgrades, and to add health and other such buffs.

It is indeed a complex mod, and very many questions will be answered here that may help you.

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