"I hate you campers! Everybody bloody hates you!" -Demoman

Tired of people incessantly firing overpowered rockets into your spawn? Can't get out of spawn because a Spy is stabbing you from across the map? Let the Spawnkill Ion Cannon handle them.

The Spawnkill Ion Cannon is a mechanic on UberUpgrades player-versus-player servers that punishes spawn campers. UberUpgrades higher-ups do not like spawn camping. Although nobody knows where the beam originates, the SIC's beam is sure to set back whomever it hits.

How the SIC worksEdit

The SIC works on a strike principle. Upon killing a player located in a protected spawn area, a text warning will appear in the chat that reads "Warning: Spawnkill (1)" in bright red. This is the one warning the system will give. This strike lasts for the remainder of the player's in-game life.

If the player kills another player in a protected area, the SIC will deploy. The message in the chat reads "Spawnkill Ion Cannon deployed." Targeting columns of blue light that extend to the sky surround the offender in a cage formation that gradually tightens. The player is frozen in place, though they can still attack. After about five seconds, a huge laser blasts down from the sky and obliterates the offender instantly. A huge cloud of thick smoke and a telltale ring of energy dissipate from the blast site. This laser cannot be blocked by resistances whatsoever.

To further discourage spawn camping, the SIC leaves a temporary debuff on the offender. This debuff disables all the offender's upgrades for 2 minutes, causing him/her to be set severely back.

Cons of the SICEdit

Though the SIC does its purpose well, it has a few drawbacks:

  • The SIC's blast has an immense blast radius. This can result in being killed from across the map, even if players dealt no damage to players in spawn.
  • On some maps, the mechanic will cause a double standard. Players in protected areas may fire out into the battlefield while players outside cannot stop them without being punished. This may happen on Dustbowl Stage 1 and Badwater Basin's first spawn area, both for BLU.
  • Sometimes the SIC's beam will not disable upgrades. It might not be enabled on that particular server or day, or may be disabled altogether.